Sunday, April 25, 2010


We had some company over for a crawfish boil today and the girls took the opportunity to harass everyone with their new baby chickens!! Well not harrass them with the chickens as much as make them wear them on their heads!! The girls thought this was the funniest thing ever!! Thank goodness some of them were good sports about it!!

Matthew and Holly

Olivia loves her baby chickens!

Oh my Arianna what is that on your head!!

Chicken head Arianna!

Arianna put her baby chicken on her daddy's head LOL!!

The girls thought it was too funny to make Lee have two chickens, one on his head and the other on his shoulder!! LOL!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The girls had a blast celebrating Christopher's birthday today!! He kept them entertained with his bubble machine and all the kids seemed to have enjoyed it. Them jumped in the spacewalk and played on the swing set all the while laughing their heads off. Me and Chris's mom went to school together so it was good to see her and catch up on life. I got to see afew more of my old buddies as well so it may for a really nice day!!

The birthday boy, Christopher!!



Monday, April 12, 2010


Court went really well today and Ben will be free to return to Guatemala with his family very soon!! This is what we prayed for and God has granted it!! While I went to court Lee took the kids to the Children's Museum in downtown San Antonio, but forgot to bring the camera in so no pictures :( They seemed to really enjoy it though and had lots to talk about when we met up again!!

After court most of the crew who was down in support of Ben and Lilliam went to the Little Red barn to have lunch. We have never eaten there nor even knew this business exsisted but the food and service was AWESOME!! The staff was dressed as cowgirls and cowboys which made the kids laugh. But the funniest thing was when they brought us the GIANT sized menu!! Yep that's right this is the single largest menu I have ever laid eyes on! And if that print was too small all you had to do was take a look at the dining room wall because the menu was written there too!! Provided a few laughs for us for sure!! After lunch we stopped in to say goodbye to Ben and headed back home!! It was a long drive but so worth it in the end!!

Some of the group at lunch after the court hearing!!

This is the menu offered to us at the Little Red barn! And if this menu is too small to read then you can simply read it off the dining room wall:)
Liliam and Lee Jr.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We took a trip to the site of the Alamo today!! I was so excited to be able to see all the history and learn lots of facts that I didn't know! The kids may not have been as impressed but they seemed to enjoy it anyway!! Lee Jr. loved seeing all the old weapons used in the war while the girls were just happy to walk around and see all the people LOL! After the Alamo tour we went across the street and saw this awesome replica of what they think the original Alamo looked like before the war. It was really neat and I was amazed at just how much work the man who built it put into it! A short walk around the Riverwalk and we were all tired enough to grab some lunch and head to the hotel with it!!

We rested up for a little while and headed to visit with Ben and Liliam. We had so much fun over there and we left with anticipation for the court hearing the next day. We just know God is going to work it al out in Ben's favor!! His testimony will grow after tomorrow!! Back at the hotel and packed everything in the car because we're heading home after court tomorrow!!

Arianna, Lee Jr. and Olivia visit the Alamo for the first time!!

Arianna in her beautifu Guatemalan dress!! I LOVE her in the outfit!!

I can hardly believe how much my little man has grown!! Where has the time gone?

Outside on the walkway of the Alamo!


I love this picture of Olivia!! She got tired of walking so she wanted on Lee's shoulders and this is the look on her face the rest of the walk to the car!!

Olivia and Lilliam

Just us girls!! Olivia, Me, Liliam, and Arianna

Us with Ben!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


With a rainy day in San Antonio we didn't really know what to go and do. Well that was quickly decided when Lee and Lee Jr. discovered there was a HUGE Bass Pro Shop nearby!! This thing was twice the size of the one here in Baton Rouge so off we went. Of course I rarely ever leave home without the camera and man I'm glad I had it today!! There were so many beautiful areas to take photos so that's just what I did!! I got some great shots of the kids too!!

Olivia hopped on this pink 4-wheeler immediately and said mom asking Santa for one like this for Christmas!! Man we're in trouble!! LOL!

Friday, April 9, 2010


We arrived safe and sound in San Antonio!! The kids actually did better traveling than I thought they would, but maybe it's because we left late at night!! We arrived and had breakfast before going off to meet Ben at his mom's house. Man it was so great to see Liliam and Ben on US soil!! We haven't seen them since December while we were visiting Guatemala! The circumstances of the visit were not happy ones, but God will work it all out and he'll be back in Guatemala in no time!!

The girls were so excited to see Ben and be able to play with him! He really spoiled them when they were in Guatemala! And Arianna absolutely LOVES Liliam! She gave out lots of kisses and hugs to both of them. Ben took the girls play in the backyard for the longest time. They played chase and then he taught them to climb in the tree and the kids loved it!! Oh and he taught us what dill grass was. First time I ever saw or tasted the stuff and it really does taste like a pickle LOL! Just kind of couldn't get past it was grass though:( Oh and Olivia quickly leanrd what buttercups were too. Not sure what the real name of the flower is but I do know when you smell them your nose turns yellow!!

Olivia found a flower and had to smell it, but never realized it was be on her nose LOL!

The girls were so excited to see Ben go up in the tree!!

Arianna wanted Ben to help her get in the tree like he did!

Going up!!

Once she was almost up in the tree Arianna changed her mind about it! LOL

Arianna and Lilliam

Lee Jr., Arianna, and Olivia at the Riverwalk in San Antonio

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today was a day full of shopping, picking up a birthday cake, visits from a friend and her son and a birthday celebration!! The kids had a blast running around the yard playing and just being kids! At some point Lee Jr. thought it was a good idea to go inside and get some of his paintball protective gear as well as a throw blanket and come out dressed like some type of whacked out ninja and all I could do was laugh. Of course I did have to compose myself long enough to take his picture!!!

Lee Jr. came out like this to defend himself!! ROFL! Have No clue what he was thinking LOL!

Olivia, Beau, Arianna, and Bree

We finished off the evening celebrating Lee's 34th birthday with the kids!! They couldn't wait to come home from dinner to eat a piece of his cake either!! It was so cute because Olivia kept asking mom are you done eating yet. I was like no Olivia we have to wait for everyone to be done. Oh man I want to go home and eat cake!! LOL!! Glad he had a great birthday!

Lee Jr., Lee, Olivia and Arianna